We provide products and services from China and the East.


.Our company

Capricorn began its operations more than 50 years ago. Today it has offices in Chile, Colombia, China, Pakistan and Peru; plus the United States and Vietnam with opening in 2021. We also supply the markets of Uruguay, Colombia, Brazil, Central America, USA and Spain. We work on different lines such as: chemicals, steels, plastics, construction, the electrical sector, textiles, food, among others.

Our objective is to generate medium and long-term strategic alliances with our clients, in order to achieve common goals. With this in mind, we have set up offices in China and trained our staff based in Asia and South America. The efforts made have paid off since we have become the best sales alternative for Chinese companies in Latin America.


.Our offices


.Our advantages

Large volumes

We are one of the largest commercial agents of Eastern products in all of Latin America.

Complete market information

We continuously help our clients to always be at the forefront of their competitors. Our staff in the East periodically attends the different specialized fairs where they take advantage of constantly verifying suppliers, prices and market situation for each particular industry.


The large volumes of products that we move give us economies of scale in the different products. Better prices, better delivery times, agility in service and communication.

Quality control

Our technical staff has visited countless factories and industries, making exhaustive quality controls to certify them as well as verifying references of important clients of the same. On many occasions, our clients' technicians visit the factories together with ours in order to meet the critical factors required in the supplies.


Both Capricorn and its clients have grown steadily over time, thanks to the rapid adaptation of our structures in different countries.


All information received is handled with strict confidentiality, which has allowed us to maintain business for many years with our clients who value our work and service over time.

Experience = Quick problem solving

Our great experience in China and the East, where we have been since 1990, in addition to the great variety of products and lines that we operate, gives us a great advantage for the benefit of our clients. We have solved so many difficult situations that today allow us to have the conditions for business to flow constantly.


.Quality control

Our technicians in China and Pakistan carry out inspections in the factories with which we work, delivering a complete report. They also provide us with information about developing markets and main clients prior to shipment, they review production, previously defining with our clients which are the critical factors to control during production. With this, our technicians issue reports detailing the results of the inspection. In this way, our clients have peace of mind in terms of quality and reduce quality risks.


.Historical clients