By the end of 2022, Capricorn achieved a significant milestone by being awarded by Transelec SA, Chile’s main electric transmission company, to supply 313 high-voltage towers for the project “NEW LINE 2X500 KV PARINAS – LIKANANTAI, ENERGIZED AT 220 KV”. This project, included in Decree No. 4 of the Ministry of Energy published on January 9, 2019, is being developed in the Antofagasta region, in northern Chile, and promises to be a crucial advancement in the country’s energy infrastructure.

The execution of this project required meticulous loading testing to ensure the quality and safety of the structures. These tests were successfully carried out in Chennai, India, and mass production was subsequently initiated.

Throughout the course of 2023, a total of 9000 tons of structures were delivered to Chile, all manufactured by NANJING DAJI STEEL TOWER MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. This company is a global leader in the manufacturing of electric and telecommunication steel towers, and Capricorn has represented them in Chile for over 14 years, building a relationship based on excellence and trust.

This significant project adds to the list of achievements we have reached in Chile across various projects within the energy sector. At Capricorn, we are committed to providing excellent service to our clients, who are key players in the energy industry in Chile.

We are proud to collaborate on large-scale projects like the “NEW LINE 2X500 KV PARINAS – LIKANANTAI,” which contribute to the growth and sustainability of the energy industry in the country.