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Capricorn started its operations 50 years ago. Today it has offices in Peru, Colombia, Chile and Brazil. We supply to markets of Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Central America, USA and Spain. We work different lines such as: textiles, chemicals, steel, construction, electrical industry, plastics, food industry, power sector, etc … In order to give the best service to our customers, we have QC offices and a joint-venture factory in China. This allows us to have specialists in place to ensure quality to our customers. Please note that we work with the biggest suppliers in East, who export to Europe, Asia and America. Our aim is to create strategic alliances and long term relationships with our customers in order to achieve common goals. With this in mind we have set up offices in China and trained our staff in Asia and South America. The efforts have paid off because we have become the best selling alternative for Chinese companies in Latin America. We are able to meet the needs of our customers by getting the best price / quality for their orders, giving them information about the general situation of their area in the market, looking for the best alternatives of buying and providing a comprehensive service that allows you to be competitive in the market.

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